Crimson Desert: Everything You Need to Know

Crimson Desert

Based on the gameplay footage we’ve seen so far of Crimson Desert, it appears that nature and animals play an important role in Pywel’s world. At first glance, the region appears to be an ancient medieval continent, but it quickly becomes clear that it is full of magic and mystery. Here’s everything we know about Pywel and the Crimson Desert’s release date so far.

Crimson Desert Story and Setting

The setting for Crimson Desert is provided by the medieval realm of Pywel, which has been devastated by war. It is a divided land with several regions where survival is fought for by various classes in hostile environments. Following the King’s illness and coma, the inhabitants of Pywel are faced with a choice: pursue independence or consolidate their existing power. Your objective, as a respected mercenary, is to ascend in status and gather fighters from all corners of the realm to confront ruthless and ambitious foes.

Aside from the grit and historical references, there are hints of something more fantastic. A post on the Crimson Desert website mentions stories about entities from other worlds, which could refer to a future world. The gameplay footage shows that your quest to bring peace to Pywel, as well as your journey through the Crimson Desert, is connected to the discovery of this mysterious new world.

When is the Crimson Desert Release Date?

According to Pearl Abyss CEO Jin-Young Heo, Crimson Desert will be released in the fall of 2023. This window, in our opinion, has now passed, and judging from the trailer unveiled at last night’s Gamescom event, we anticipate its release in the first half of 2024.

Crimson Desert Gameplay

Combat is positioned as the most important aspect of Crimson Desert, with a focus on weapons, as discussed in a Pearl Abyss news post. Given the balance of magical and medieval elements in Crimson Desert, you can create your arsenal of weapons, ranging from swords and handaxes to guns and cannons.

You can play Crimson Desert in single-player or multiplayer mode, where you enlist new players to accompany your group of intrepid explorers as they try to make amends for the wrongs committed in the realm. Either way, as you make choices, things happen, and everything you do affects how your story turns out.

Can you pet the dog in Crimson Desert?

Crimson Desert provides players with the delightful opportunity to interact with a variety of adorable pets, including dogs and cats. A curious donkey is observing the player character as she strokes a dog in the Gamescom trailer.

In addition, the character is seen holding a cat and wearing a wolf pelt coat. These interactions in the trailer highlight Pearl Abyss’s understanding of the value of animal companionship in gaming, implying that they may have expanded animal interactions in the game.

The summary of Crimson Desert’s intriguing features and current release date will be updated as new information becomes available. If the game’s magic and mythology draw you in, other popular fantasy titles might be considered. Alternatively, an excellent resource for those eager to start playing Pearl Abyss’s well-known massively multiplayer online role-playing game is our beginner’s guide to Black Desert Online.


The game was originally planned as a prequel to Black Desert Online, but as development progressed, it evolved into a single-player game set in the same universe. Pearl Abyss released commentary videos in December 2020, following the trailer’s release at the Game Awards, to explain the game’s development and vision. The game makes use of an improved version of Black Desert Online’s proprietary game engine, known as the BlackSpace Engine.

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