Fortnite to Return to iPads: Everything You Need to Know

Fortnite to Return to iPads

It seems as though the conflict between Apple and Epic Games will never end. The EU has shifted its attention from iOS to the iPad. An additional digital “gatekeeper” is iPadOS, as per the EU Digital Markets Act (DMA) regulation. The creators of Fortnite, Epic Games, have now vowed to release both Fortnite and the Epic Games Store on iPads later this year in response to this decision of Fortnite to Return to iPads!

According to the regulations, Apple may have to comply with new rules—which might permit app downloads from sources other than the App Store—within six months. Apple might face steep fines if it does nothing. Many anticipate that iPadOS will change akin to those in iOS as a result of these developments, possibly creating more opportunities for app distribution.

DMA’s Implications on Apple So Far

The Cupertino, California-based tech giant had to alter its products in several ways because of the EU’s DMA regulations. The use of USB-C in the iPhone 15 series by Apple is exemplified. A standard charging port for certain electronic devices was mandated by the DMA in the EU. Furthermore, third-party App Stores will be allowed by Apple in Europe. All of this is enabled by the DMA, which necessitates that “gatekeeper” businesses grant other businesses and developers access to their platforms and services.

Fortnite to Return to iPads

Epic Games Newsroom addressed the European Commission’s request that Apple comply with the Digital Markets Act on iPads in a recent X post. This implies that iPad users will now have access to Fortnite and the Epic Games Store. When Fortnite will be accessible on iPhone and iPad can also be found out from the Fortnite account on X.

New EU regulations that support fair competition in app marketplaces were addressed in Apple’s most recent iOS 17.4 update. While iOS 17.4 brought about significant changes like app sideloading on iPhones and tweaks to the App Store and Safari, iOS 17.5 adds even more improvements. These allow Epic Games to implement the EU’s ruling and bring Fortnite back to Apple devices.

Remember that these adjustments will only apply to EU member states. Hence, you might not be able to enjoy Fortnite just yet if you use an Apple device and live outside of the EU. We’re not sure if the Digital Markets Act will make it simpler for developers to release apps for iOS and iPad, as Apple must accept the changes. Are you thrilled about the iPad versions of Fortnite and the Epic Games Store? Do you believe that all countries should be able to access Fortnite on iOS and iPad? Post your ideas in the comments section below.

Fortnite will soon be available on the iPhone thanks to Epic Games, but the iPad will have to wait until later in the year. It is important to note that these changes will only be available in EU member states. The changes made under the Digital Markets Act would need to be approved by Apple. Apple’s response to the changes is unknown, as is whether developers will be able to release apps more easily for iOS and iPad.


Fortnite to Return to iPads thanks to EU regulations that support fair competition in the app store. Epic Games will be able to launch Fortnite and the Epic Games Store on iPads thanks to Apple’s compliance with the Digital Markets Act. Users around the world are anxiously anticipating more accessibility and possible future developments, as the impact is still limited to the EU.

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