Tekken 8 Crossplay: Uniting Gamers Across Platforms

Tekken 8 Crossplay

The video game industry is poised to be transformed by Tekken 8, the much-awaited sequel to the venerable fighting game series. Anticipation for Tekken 8 has been steadily growing due to its remarkable track record of providing excellent gameplay and recognizable characters. One unanswered question is whether Tekken 8 Crossplay will be introduced in the series with this installment. This article looks at the innovative world of Tekken 8, the launch of cross-play, and the implications for future fighting game development.

Does Tekken 8 Have Crossplay?

In April 2023, renowned game director Katsuhiro Harada was questioned about Tekken 8 crossplay. He said, “Crossplay? Naturally, I will. He continued by explaining that although he had originally suggested cross-play between the PS4 and Xbox One upon their launch, platform limitations at the time prevented this from happening. Nevertheless, this confirmed that crossplay is supported in Tekken 8, despite previous problems.

The screen above will likely appear when you launch the game for the first time and ask you to toggle Tekken 8 crossplay on or off. To maximize the number of players you can be matched against, it is naturally advised to enable cross-platform play, but ultimately, this is a matter of personal preference.

But don’t worry—your decision there isn’t legally enforceable. All you have to do to adjust your Tekken 8 crossplay platform gameplay strategy is go to the Options menu, choose Game Option Settings, and scroll down to Cross-Platform Play. 

How to Play with Tekken 8 Players on Different Platforms

If players have crossplay activated, they’ll have the opportunity to interact with players from different platforms simply by entering a Tekken Fight Lounge. They can play Group matches in these lounges by finding the appropriate opponent in the lobby and occupying the same arcade cabinet.

Alternatively, players can directly team up with friends by starting a Player Match from the main menu, and the other participant will join accordingly. In the case of Quick and Ranked matches, players will be prompted to select their preference for crossplay each time they search for a match, which is facilitated by the “Platform Restrictions” slider. Those who want to connect with players on different platforms should select the “Enable Cross-Platform Play” option.

Does Tekken 8 Have a Rollback Netcode?

Tekken 8, like any other worthwhile fighting game, allows rollback netcode. Both the number of rollback frames and the number of delayed frames will be visible to players in the lower right corner of their screens. Although the player’s experience can be customized to some extent, it should be noted that the rollback netcode remains present and cannot be entirely disabled.

Within the Rollback Setting section of the Game Option Settings menu, three different modes can be chosen by players. “To reduce frame skipping, we select “Prioritize Fluidity,” while “Prioritize Response” improves input responsiveness. We use the “Standard” mode to accommodate a broader range of player preferences, achieving a balance between both aspects.”

How to Play Tekken 8 Game with Friends?

  • From the main menu, select Player Match under Online, then Create Session.
  • To keep the session private, enter your preferences and, under Advanced Settings, add a passcode.
  • After creation, select Invite Friend from the Sub-Menu prompt.
  • Choose your friend from the list, then accept the invitation.
  • Once they agree, you can engage in combat together as they will join the session.

The Future of Tekken 8

The latest updates on Tekken 8 are eagerly awaited by enthusiasts all over the world, contributing to the growing excitement among fans. A significant impact on the fighting game genre is expected to be made by Tekken 8, with innovative features such as the Heat mechanic anticipated to be introduced, as well as a diverse roster of returning characters.

Katsuhiro Harada, the director of the Tekken game, is poised to dismantle boundaries and unite players from disparate platforms through the promise of cross-platform play in Tekken 8. He has announced that crossplay will enable players to compete on PCs, PlayStation 5s, and Xbox Series X|S. Additionally, players will have even more control over their experience with the option to enable or disable crossplay.


The eagerly anticipated cross-play function in Tekken 8 fills in the gaps between platforms, increasing gameplay variety and community interaction. Crossplay’s endorsement by director Katsuhiro Harada marks a significant turning point in the inclusivity of video games. Tekken 8 represents a new era of boundary-breaking, offering an exciting future for fighting game fans worldwide with customizable settings and accessible friend matches.

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