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Keeping an eye on your performance in Apex Legends is essential for players looking to improve their gameplay. Trackers for Apex Legends provide a thorough summary of a player’s performance data, such as overall rankings, kill totals, and win percentages.

These trackers are accessible across different platforms and furnish detailed insights into individual and global gaming statistics. By analyzing their stats, players can establish personal objectives, pinpoint strengths and weaknesses, and track their progress over time.

Each tracker offers distinct features that enrich the gaming experience. Some trackers allow players to compare their performance to top players and streamers, thus providing an inspiring benchmark for growth. Other trackers offer dynamic statistics and post-match analyses to assist players in developing strategies for future matches. Using these tools is simple; players just need to enter their EA account name or profile ID to seamlessly integrate their gaming data into the tools.

How do I unlock Apex Legends Trackers?

In addition to being able to be crafted with Apex Legends in-game currency, Crafting Metals, trackers can also drop as loot box items. In addition to being loot box drops, those metals can be crafted into character and gun skins, among other cosmetics. Every character has their tracker unlocks, so even if you receive a drop for a fundamental stat like “Kills” for Bangalore, it won’t unlock for any other player.

Crafting is a better option because the chances of getting the exact tracker drop you want for the character you want are low. Navigate to the Legends tab, select a Legend, and then select the Banners tab to begin creating trackers. Now, notice the Frames, Poses, Badges, and Trackers menu in the left column. To view the list of trackers you can unlock, click on one of the Tracker headings.

To craft a tracker, just select it from the list and press the confirm button. Making the standard trackers required 30 Crafting Metals. In addition, each Legend has three special Rare (blue) tier trackers that require 60 Crafting Metals to create.

Understanding Apex Legends Trackers

The Basics of Stats Tracking: Players can review and improve upon a variety of statistics in the well-known battle royale game Apex Legends. In Apex Legends, stat tracking entails examining several metrics, including win rate, damage done, and kills. Via in-game banners, which show important data like headshot accuracy rates, kills per minute, and seasonal win statistics, players can access stats. Certain third-party services, also referred to as Apex Legends trackers, provide more thorough information by extracting data from the game associated with a player’s Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, Origin, or other account. Real-time updates from these trackers give players a timely perspective on their performance.

Platforms supported: PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Origin, Steam

Stats available: kill/death ratio, damage, headshot accuracy, seasonal stats, Combat scores.

Character banners in-game: able to show three stats at once

Tracker Network: A service that collates game statistics

Comparison with Other Titles: Unlike other games, Apex Legends has an integrated system that allows you to monitor fundamental performance metrics via in-game leaderboards. The integration with outside services like the Tracker Network, which improves a player’s comprehension of their performance beyond the in-game stats, is another distinction.

In competitive games, this kind of cross-platform integration is rather typical. The real-time, comprehensive statistics that Apex Legends trackers offer, however, set them apart from the competition and specifically address the community’s desire for improvement and competitive play.

In-game stats: Accessible basic statistics on banners

Third-party trackers: A more thorough examination and comparison

Real-time updates: Certain trackers instantly update with fresh game data.

Cross-platform: suitable with a variety of gaming platforms

Features for Improved Gameplay

Analyzing Match History and Performance: Players can review their match history to identify trends in their performance. This section of the tracker displays individual scores, kills, and overall team dynamics. By analyzing this data, players can pinpoint areas that require improvement. For instance, if a player’s average kills per match begin to decline, it may indicate a need to revisit combat strategies or sharpen aiming skills.

Utilizing In-Game Apps and Overwolf: Overwolf is an additional tool for Apex Legends that significantly enhances performance tracking. When players utilize in-game apps like Overwolf, they receive real-time statistics and analytics that can inform decisions during gameplay. For instance, understanding their rank score and comparing it to friends or club members can inspire players to strive harder in matches.

Engaging with the Apex Legends Community: Participating in the broader Apex Legends community via leaderboards is an excellent method to establish personal milestones. By examining the profiles of top streamers and players, learning from their highlights and techniques can be highly beneficial. Furthermore, interacting with the community can yield valuable insights on improving rankings and enhancing overall club performance.


Trackers for Apex Legends are essential resources for players looking to improve their gameplay. These trackers help with goal-setting and strategy development by providing extensive performance metrics and insights. Participating in the community and utilizing outside resources, such as Overwolf, enhances the gaming experience by promoting competition and ongoing development.

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