Remnant 2 Crossplay: For all Platforms Now

remnant 2 crossplay

The shooter Remnant 2, developed by Gunfire Games, is now officially compatible with PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S systems for Remnant 2 Crossplay-platform play. Released on February 29, 2024, Patch 408,516 brought the much-needed functionality to the game: multiplayer gameplay across preferred gaming platforms.

Moving forward, cross-play will be the default setting on consoles, and the developers have made note of the fact that users will not be able to view lobbies made by players who have disabled the feature. The developer suggested, “Check that you have matching Crossplay settings if you can’t see a friend’s game in-game.”

During the Aberration Domination event in Remnant 2, players can gather Corrupted Shards, a type of item that can be exchanged for corrupted versions of special weapons, until March 5, 2024.

Does Remnant 2 Support Crossplay?

Unfortunately, Remnant 2 does not support crossplay. However, based on recent reports, it appears that the developers are eager to add this crucial feature. We are only able to wait for more details from Gunfire Games. Although disappointing, the lack of crossplay in RPGs like this is not unheard of. It’s not usually a priority because so many players use the same platform to play alone or with friends. For more information, see our Elden Ring crossplay guide.

How to use Remnant 2 Crossplay?

To link your Epic Games account to Remnant 2, navigate to the game’s main menu and press Square on the PlayStation controller or X on the Xbox controller. You must create a new Epic Games account from the same menu if you don’t already have one.

After logging in with your Epic Games account, you can invite friends to play the game cooperatively. For your friends to appear in the friends list, you must add them using your Epic Games account.

Once your Epic Games account is linked, you can use the Touchpad on the PlayStation controller or the View button on the Xbox controller to view your friends list.

FAQ of Remnant 2 Crossplay

Q1. How can I get into Crossplay?

  1. You can easily play console games with anyone and with friends on any platform. Cross-play can be disabled and enabled on the console at any time.

You must link your account to an Epic account to use Crossplay. This is something that can be done via the character selection screen. It is necessary to enable Crossplay and it is a fairly simple and quick process. Console users who don’t already have an Epic account can create a basic account that is just for Crossplay and doesn’t require a complete account or login details.

Q2. With whom can I cross-play as a PC player?

  1. If your friend is on a console and has enabled cross-play, you can play together on any platform. You cannot play with a friend on the console if they do not have Crossplay enabled.

When trying to play with friends across different PC services, there is no need to worry about opting into Crossplay because it is enabled automatically for all PC services.

On the PC version, you can access players from all the different PC services when you select Quickplay; however, console players cannot join Quickplay.

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