Stellar Blade: Release Date, Gameplay, and Development

Stellar Blade

The first AAA game from ShiftUp is called Stellar Blade. Its official publishing title, which was previously known as Project EVE, was made public on September 13, 2022. Producer Jackie Lee told the media that there has been “a lot of progress on the title” since the first announcement on April 3rd, 2019, indicating that Stellar Blade is still in development.

In 2019, it was revealed for PC (Steam), PS4, and Xbox One; however, on September 13, 2022, it was promoted as a PS5 console exclusive. Though it appears that ShiftUp no longer intends to develop Xbox, it is currently unknown whether the game will ever be released on Steam.

Stellar Blade Overview

Release Date26 April 2024
PublisherSony Interactive Entertainment
DeveloperShift Up
Game ModesSingle-player


The third-person perspective is used in the action role-playing video game Stellar Blade. Gamers assume control of Eve, a woman tasked with rescuing a devastated and barren planet from extraterrestrial intruders known as the NA:tives. There are two sections to the game: combat and exploration. Eve can defend herself from, launch, and deflect a variety of enemy attacks during combat. Players are urged to chain combos and use finishers.

In between battle scenarios, Eve can explore the area by climbing, sliding, and scaling walls. She can also explore by using ropes. There are role-playing aspects to the game as well. Eve gains Beta Gauge (BG) by perfecting actions during combat segments. BG can be spent on new attacks or abilities, or it can be used to create a Burst Gauge, which gives Eve the ability to perform special moves or obtain temporary buffs.


During a live event in April 2019, Shift Up revealed Stellar Blade codenamed Project Eve. They also revealed Project NIKKE: The Goddess of Victory, a mobile game. Project Eve was supposed to launch on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC at the time of its announcement.

Before relaunching the game at Sony Interactive Entertainment’s PlayStation Showcase 2021, which featured updated and revamped graphics along with the announcement of a PlayStation 5 version without mentioning the previously revealed platforms, Shift Up kept a low profile on Project Eve for two years. Project Eve was showcased once more at Sony’s September 2022 State of Play event, where it was disclosed that Stellar Blade would be the game’s final title, with a 2023 release window and Sony having agreed to publish it. Sony officially announced on December 28, 2023, that Stellar Blade will be released in 2024.


Shift Up, a South Korean game developer, created Stellar Blade, which Sony Interactive Entertainment released for the PlayStation 5. Under the codename Project Eve, the game was developed prior to its September 2022 title reveal.

Badass Character Design

Finally, a review of Stellar Blade wouldn’t be complete without praising the game’s character design. EVE, who drew inspiration from Korean model Shin Jie-eun, is a powerful female lead with a unique style. Character design for both EVE’s allies and enemies is meticulous, demonstrating the skill and imagination of Shift Up’s development team. The release date of this PlayStation 5 exclusive is set for April 26, 2024. released on March 29, 2024, as a free demo.

Reasons for Stellar Blade’s 18+ Rating in Korea

But in Korea, Stellar Blade has received the highest possible maturity rating of 18+, not just because of its suggestive costumes. The Game Management Committee of that nation claims that the title also includes graphic violence, such as mutilation and red blood. According to the machine translation interpretation of the rating decision, some of Eve’s costumes are so skimpy that they are equivalent to nudity.

Stellar Blade has not yet received a rating in either the US or Europe, but if Korea’s judgment is any guide, it is anticipated that the game will receive an M and a PEGI 18 rating, respectively. Given that many people on social media seem to think favorably of Stellar Blade’s 18+ rating, this could actually increase the game’s popularity. It’s also very subjective to judge what is too suggestive, violent, or vulgar. Singapore gave Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League an 18+ rating because of its strong language and violent content, which many people find acceptable.

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