Palia: The Cozy Fantasy Adventure Game


Virtual life simulation On June 25, Palia hopes to get a fun update that will add a new pet, building supplies, fishing on the black market, and other things to the game. Palia warm, collaborative vibe has helped it gain a devoted fan base, and the latest update aims to enhance these qualities.

Palia remained a free-to-play game on both platforms until it was released as an open beta for the PC about three months before it launched for the Nintendo Switch in December 2023. As a cooperative rather than competitive multiplayer online life sim, the game’s objective is for players to build the greatest fantasy village they can.

Palia Overview

Platform(s)PC, Switch
ReleasedAugust 10, 2023
Developer(s)Singularity 6, Inc.
Publisher(s)Singularity 6, Inc.
Genre(s)Simulation, MMO

Everything Announced for Palia’s Bloomin’ Bounties Update

A short video announcing the new update, Bloomin’ Bounties, which launches on June 25, has been posted on several social media platforms. The accompanying video focuses on the new Palia pet, an adorable little blue creature that resembles a lizard and shoots tiny spurts of fire from its mouth, even though the posts highlight several features.

This creature will be the third major pet class in the game, after the canine-like Flutterfoxes and the feline Palcats, both of which have several varieties that players can collect and befriend to go on adventures with. This creature will only be available in the premium shop of the game.

It appears that there will be at least two variations of this new pet type, as the video showcases two different varieties of the lizard. One of the second ones is seen fluttering above the ground on tiny wings and has pink bows on its horns.

  • Party Buffs
  • Pirate Furniture
  • Black Market Fishing
  • Metal Building Blocks
  • Tour Tish’s Dream House
  • Black Market Prize Wheel
  • New Pet Type in Premium Shop

Apart from the pets, the game will offer additional customization options to players, such as adding metal building blocks and furniture with a pirate theme. Zeki’s Underground Black Market, the game’s least cozy feature, is also set to be expanded, with fishing exclusive to the black market and a prize wheel among the available activities. Even though fishing is already a popular pastime among Palia’s fans, the unofficial version should expand the current mechanic’s opportunities.


Palia’s Bloomin’ Bounties update, which launches on June 25, promises a new pet type, pirate-themed furniture, and black market fishing, to name a few of the exciting new features. The cooperative, fantastical village-building aspect of the game remains very popular and has a devoted following. This update expands player customization options while also improving Palia’s cozy, community feel.

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