Kena Bridge of Spirits – A Journey into Enchanting Adventure

kena bridge of spirits

In the action-adventure game Kena Bridge of Spirits, players take on the role of a young girl with magical powers as she travels the world to help the dead cross over to the other side. After seeing a few trailers for Ember Lab’s most recent release, players have questions regarding the game’s launch date and other details.

This is the first finished game by Ember Lab. Nevertheless, their wealth of media and film experience accounts for Kena Bridge of Spirits extraordinary caliber and immersive cinematic world. Here’s a brief overview of all the information we currently know about the game, including when players can start playing.

Kena Bridge of Spirits Update

  • A brand-new, exclusive ensemble for owners of Deluxe Editions.
  • After finishing the game, players can resume Kena’s journey with all of their previously unlocked skills, armor, Rot, and other items thanks to New Game+, which also lets them take on redesigned and more difficult combat encounters.
  • Charmstones that can be equipped one at a time – these unusual trinkets each modify Kena’s skills and stats differently.
  • The Spirit Guide Trials is a new game mode that tests players’ abilities with a range of replayable tasks in three distinct categories: Boss Reflects, Wave Defenses, and Obstacle Courses.
  • Once Kena has completed the Spirit Guide Trials, she will be able to choose from a variety of outfits inspired by the characters she meets on her journey. In addition to special Charmstones, completing bonus objectives within each trial allows you to unlock color variations for each outfit.

Kena Bridge of Spirits Release Date

Kena: On September 21, 2021, Bridge of Spirits made its PC and PS4 and PS5 debuts. With the potential to eventually launch on other platforms, the game was initially released as a limited-edition exclusive on PlayStation consoles. Before being released on Steam in September 2022, Kena: Bridge of Spirits was only available on the Epic Games Store for a full year on the PC.

The game chronicles the travels of Kena, a spirit guide with magical powers who facilitates individuals’ transitions to the afterlife. Kena Bridge of Spirits is a platforming game with puzzles, difficult combat, and an art style reminiscent of Disney and Pixar animated films. It was inspired by games like Zelda.


Kena Bridge of Spirits is a captivating action-adventure game created by Ember Lab. Kena is a magical spirit guide that players lead through a cinematic world full of combat, puzzles, and eye-catching artwork. This gorgeous game promises an immersive and difficult journey with features like Spirit Guide Trials and New Game+.

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