Steamworld Heist 2: Release Date, Platforms, and Story

Steamworld Heist 2

Later this year will see the release of SteamWorld Heist 2, the highly anticipated sequel to the popular SteamWorld franchise. This turn-based tactics game, created by Image & Form Games, promises thrilling pirate-themed adventures and exciting new features. All the information you require about SteamWorld Heist 2 is provided here.

Gameplay & Story

SteamWorld Heist 2, set on the high seas, follows Captain Leeway and his crew as they investigate an enigmatic threat to the Great Sea. In this game, players engage in strategic gun battles against enemy robots while maintaining the predecessor’s turn-based tactics gameplay.

The job system, one of the new features in SteamWorld Heist 2, allows crewmates to gain unique skills that deepen the gameplay. Additionally, players will be able to add different components to their crew to customize them.


Nintendo Switch, PlayStation5, PlayStation4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC via Steam will all be able to play SteamWorld Heist 2. It will also be playable on the Steam Deck, providing a variety of ways for players to engage with the game.


On April 17, 2024, the SteamWorld Heist 2 announcement trailer debuted at the Nintendo Indie World Showcase, offering players a sneak peek at the game’s intriguing new features and environment.

Release Date

SteamWorld Heist 2 will be released on August 8, 2024, offering a thrilling diversion for those looking to escape the summer heat. The game is expected to include a handcrafted story, music, and art, as well as more than 35 hours of gameplay. The striking and distinctive art style and music are two of the main reasons why many people want to explore the SteamWorld franchise and eventually discover the charming characters and humor that the games contain.

Available for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation4, PlayStation5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Steam, and Steam Deck is this much-awaited sequel. It is currently unknown whether SteamWorld Heist 2 will be available as part of any subscription services like PlayStation Plus or Xbox Game Pass. On April 17, 2024, the game was revealed at the Nintendo Indie World Showcase.


  • Take on real-time naval combat and broad-world exploration as you immerse yourself in the diverse challenges of the Great Sea.
  • Turn-based Steamboat combat offers exhilarating free aiming and satisfying ricochet gameplay. To achieve the ultimate satisfying ricochet sequence, strategically plan your shots.
  • With over 150 guns, utility items, and ship equipment to choose from, you can customize your crew to fit your playstyle and dive deep into a rich job system.
  • Discover a world where characters and settings that have been painstakingly created come to life, all backed by a captivating soundtrack and songs from our favorite troubadours, Steam Powered Giraffe, who are returning by popular demand. Let the music and noises linger in your thoughts, leaving a long-lasting impression that will persist for several days.

System Requirements

DirectX: Version 11

OS: Windows 10 64-bit

Memory: 8 GB RAM

Processor: Intel Core i5 8400

Storage: 4 GB available space

Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050

SteamWorld Heist 2 Characters & New Job System

Character NameDescription
Captain Quincy LeewayCharismatic. More of a talker than a fighter.
Daisy ClutchAdventurous gunslinger.
Wesley HotchkissLoyal. Good at flinging explosives.
Dame Judy WrenchElectrifying and accomplished.
Poe PhroggiNimble and quick.
Cornelius ColumnPhilosophical nature with a strong frame.
Tristan TorqueA cool bot focused on being awesome.
Barbara “Crowbar” CroweLooking to get rich.
Rose “Chimney” RivetLively bot who loves laughing.
Beacon PottsTimid marksbot.
Sola FathomHard to understand, but capable.


SteamWorld Heist 2 promises to be an exciting pirate-themed adventure featuring a new job system and turn-based tactical gameplay. It promises deep customization options and captivating naval combat when it launches on August 8, 2024, on a variety of platforms, including PCs and consoles. Look forward to an engaging narrative, unique artwork, and a catchy soundtrack.

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