Dustborn Game: A Comprehensive Overview

dustborn game

The creators of Dreamfall Chapters, Read Thread Games, made their debut with their most recent adventure game at the inaugural Future Games Show back in 2020. It was an intriguing title about false information and the power of words, Dustborn Game.

The release date was finally revealed at the most recent Future Games Show at PAX East, which makes sense. Along with the news came a new trailer and a gameplay recap from the post-show, which you can see below.

Dustborn Game Overview

Through the playable character Pax, an Anomal with the ability to weaponize language, Dustborn game investigates the power of words. Pax can talk her way out of sticky situations by inventing new words. She can use her voice to dissuade threats and exert influence over people around her, including her crew.

It will be difficult to put together, lead, and cultivate relationships with this group of misfits—all of whom have interesting backstories and divergent personalities—and Pax will need to carefully use her skills to accomplish this.

The Gameplay Overview, which was aired during the Future Games Show post-show, is now available for viewers who are eager to learn more about Dustborn. Players will encounter unexpected circumstances on this vibrant and dangerous voyage through a dystopian America that is as varied as the landscapes they will explore.

The road trip is full of obstacles, like investigations and puzzles that call for the crew’s unusual abilities, combat centered around using words as weapons, or live rock band performances by The Dustborns. In addition to other things, players will toss Molotov cocktails from a motorcycle and smash helicopters with baseball bats. Just your typical road trip, you know.

Dustborn Game PC Requirements

DirectX: Version 11

Memory: 8 GB RAM

OS: Windows 10 (64-bit)

Storage: 20 GB available space

Graphics: 4 GB, GeForce GTX 970/Radeon RX 480

Processor: Intel Core i3-2120 (3.3 GHz)/AMD FX-4100 X4 (3.6 GHz)

Dustborn Game Special Delivery

In Dustborn game, a young woman named Pax and her crew embark on a road trip across the nation to deliver a package. It would be a simpler journey, of course, if the United States hadn’t experienced extreme division or if there hadn’t been a hunter out to find them all in order to obtain this enigmatic package. Fortunately, Pax is also an Anomal, a superpowered being whose abilities include using language as a weapon.

This is demonstrated in the battle scenes, where players can use words to activate skills like immobilizing opponents. Though a baseball bat also works well in situations where words aren’t the most effective option.

As you can see from the other characters you can meet and enlist, Pax isn’t the only one with unique abilities. Whatever skills each person brings to the table—some are skilled at tech troubleshooting, others can use their voice to soothe others—you’ll need their diverse abilities to solve some puzzles. Additionally, you must work to maintain their unity by helping them form bonds during different stops.

Depending on how things work out, they may even decide to change how they feel about each other. Not to mention that, since that’s Pax’s cover story and all, you need some of them to play as your band, the titular Dustborns. Fortunately, this allows you to practice your songs as you go along and even play some rhythm games.

It should be interesting to watch whether Dustborn’s clever combination of relationship-based mechanics and original themes works. The game is looking to be quite varied. When Dustborn—which has publishing support from Quantic Dream—arrives on August 20 for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation platforms, we’ll find out.

A unique physical edition of the release will also come with stickers, postcards, a comic book, and a map that highlights the crew’s stops. Stay tuned for more about Dustborn later. That includes us waiting to play the game here at PAX East.


A distinctive fusion of relationship management, narrative-driven gameplay, and cutting-edge word-power mechanics is what Dustborn Game promises to deliver. Dustborn is unique among adventure games because of its captivating plot and wide range of characters. Gamers excitedly await this novel approach to dystopian storytelling when it launches on August 20.

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