The New Denpa Men: A Comprehensive Guide

The New Denpa Men

Not to be confused with the most recent installment in the series, The New Denpa Men (also known as New 電波人間のRPG, Hepburn: New Denpa Ningen no RPG) is a mobile role-playing game developed and published by Genius Sonority for both iOS and Android. This Denpa Men game was the first to be released on a mobile device, was the recipient of the 2017 Japan Best of Google Play Games award, and was the first to become fully unplayable as a result of the server going down.

The New Denpa Men Overview

Look for the tiny creatures known as DENPA MEN on radio waves; they live there and are invisible. Though they are invisible to the unaided eye, you can locate and capture them using the Nintendo Switch system! In the free-to-play role-playing game THE NEW DENPA MEN, you can gather these DENPA MEN for your group and go on adventures with them by your side.

There is lots of fun to be had in addition to the main adventure, such as decorating your island, fishing, taking part in time-limited events, and competing against other players DENPA MEN. On July 22, THE NEW DENPA MEN will debut on the Nintendo Switch.


Unfortunately, the iOS version of New Denpa was not released on the 28th due to software issues resulting from Apple’s most recent update. The game was teased in late 2016 and had a countdown before it was released. While many fans bemoaned the fact that it would make more sense to watch Denpa Men on smart devices, it was welcomed with enthusiasm and praise that the first and only game in the franchise would be available on mobile devices.


Gamers use the touch screens on their mobile devices for everything from dungeon crawling to catching. In addition, the limitations of being a touch-controlled game led to an even simplification of the battle mechanics. Because Denpa Men are pre-generated based on locations in Japan, you could only find them there.

This meant that players from other countries needed to have Android devices to spoof their location to find Denpa Men. Gacha was said to have replaced the Jewel catch in Free!, so Apple users were forced to exclusively rely on it for the game. The Gacha functioned similarly to a card game in which the player had to tap a card to reveal a Denpa with a given star rating; the higher the rating, the stronger and more advanced the antennae. It would be typical to receive a three-star Denpa, though.


The Denpa Men reside on a small island with a house, a shrine where players can retrieve the Denpa Men in the event of their death, a shop, and a tower known as Antenna Tower that has an antenna on it that enables the player to capture Denpa Men. In the game, there is a dock with a boat that transports players to numerous islands. Soon, players will be able to access an item shop, a PC for scanning QR Codes, and a museum featuring Denpa Men.


“Genius Sonority’s mobile role-playing game, The New Denpa Men, uses radio waves to catch tiny creatures known as DENPA MEN. It features fun gameplay elements like dungeon crawling and island decoration. It received praise for its mobile accessibility and distinctive mechanics despite early problems with the iOS release; however, when servers crashed, the game became unplayable.”

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