Earth Defense Force 6: A Comprehensive Guide

Earth Defense Force 6

The most recent game in the well-liked Earth Defense Force (EDF) series, renowned for its furious action, enormous battles, and cooperative gameplay, is Earth Defense Force 6 (EDF 6). An overview of EDF 6’s plot, gameplay mechanics, new features, and advice for both experienced and inexperienced players will be covered in this guide.

EDF6 Features

Missions and Weapons Galore: has a ton of brand-new content for players to explore, including hundreds of new missions, weaponry, and other items.

Fight for the Planet: Use sly tactics to emerge victorious and defend the planet as you defend Earth and engage in fierce battles against various enormous and lethal alien creatures.

The Next Chapter of EDF: As a clear continuation of what happened in EARTH DEFENSE FORCE 5, set out on a treacherous journey and discover a gripping new chapter in the EDF series.

Choose A Class: the return of the Fencer, Air Raider, Ranger, and Wing Diver classes, providing players with a varied arsenal and new skills to defend Earth from new threats effectively.

Battle with Friends:  To combat the alien threat together and guarantee an exciting gaming experience, players can also take advantage of online co-op with up to four players or split-screen cooperative play for two players.

Earth Defense Force 6 Release Date

On August 25, 2022, Earth Defense Force 6 was first released in Japan for the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. As previously announced, Clouded Leopard Entertainment plans to release the English-language PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 versions to the Asian market in 2024.

Earth Defense Force 6 Story

Along with a host of new missions and weapons, the game features a brand-new plot and the return of well-known classes like Fencer, Air Raider, Ranger, and Wing Diver. Earth Defense Force 6 takes place two years after the events of the previous game, in which the Primers, an invading alien race, were defeated by humanity. The fact that some Primers survived despite this victory resulted in continuing hostilities between the two groups on what was left of Earth. The planet has lost ninety percent of its population, and these conflicts still occur.

Earth Defense Force 5 was previously published digitally on the PS4 by D3Publisher in the West in December 2018, after its December 2017 launch in Japan. In July 2019, the game was made available on the PC via Steam. In September 2020, PQube also physically distributed Earth Defense Force 5 for the PlayStation 4 in North America and Europe.

Furthermore, Earth Defense Force: World Brothers 2, a follow-up to the Earth Defense Force: World Brothers spinoff game, is currently being developed by D3Publisher and will be accessible on the PS5, PS4, and Switch platforms.


Following the Nameless’s defeat, the surviving motherships gathered its corpse and withdrew back into space, leaving the rest on Earth. The next three years are devoted to the EDF trying to rebuild society while destroying the last of the alien forces. Considering that the Aliens had killed 90% of Earth’s population, this was a difficult accomplishment.


Q1. Earth Defense Force 6 will be released when?

  1. 2024 will see the release of Earth Defense Force 6.

Q2. Where am I able to play Defense Force Six?

  1. Earth Defense Force 6 can be played on a PS5, PS4, PC, or Steam once it is released.


With new missions, weaponry, and gameplay-enhancing classes, Earth Defense Force 6 is an exciting continuation of the EDF series. Intense combat, a calculated defense of Earth, and cooperative play with friends are all available to players. EDF 6 is scheduled for release in the Asian market in 2024 and is expected to appeal to both experienced and novice players.

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