Rocket League Tracker: Knowledge of Useful Tool

rocket league tracker

The Rocket League Tracker is one of the most important tools available to players. The tracker lets players see exact ranking information, match histories, leaderboards, and much more. They can even view the competition standings of their buddies with just a few clicks. The mobile app, in-game overlay, and website are all free with advertisements, to top it all off. It is not required to have an account.

Rocket League Tracker Website

Visiting the official website is the easiest and fastest way to use the Rocket League Tracker on any device. It takes only a few seconds to locate any player’s competitive data once you are there. To use the player’s platform, select it from the list to the left of the search box, type in their platform ID, and that’s all.

Description of the Profile

Most of the information that most people are interested in seeing at a glance is contained in the profile overview. Every game mode’s peak and current ranks are arranged next.

The RL Tracker displays the precise matchmaking rating (MMR), the number of games played, the prerequisites for moving up or down in ranking, and any current win/loss streaks, in addition to the rank indicators that are visible to everyone in-game. A brief match history of the player’s most recent online games can be seen by scrolling down.

Progression of Skill Ratings

Visitors can see a graph of a player’s ranking history by selecting the Skill Rating tab. This may be shown for any particular game mode that has been chosen from the dropdown menu and contains MMR progression from the previous year.

RL Tracker in-game Overlay and Desktop Application

For convenience, the Rocket League Tracker desktop program can be used instead of the website. Users of Windows PCs can install, and configure the desktop application so that it launches immediately in tandem with Rocket League. It has all of the functionality seen on the website, along with a few extras like the in-game overlay.

At the beginning of a match, everyone’s ranks will be displayed quickly thanks to the in-game overlay, which is activated by default. This provides a fast indication of the competence level of the lobby and might even advise you to use a little additional caution while dealing with specific members of the other party.

Installing and activating the desktop application will also provide RL Tracker access to more precise data. This implies that when you play, every piece of information on your profile will be updated and more accurate.

The Mobile App Rocket League Tracker

Rocket League Tracker is available in one additional format in addition to the website and Windows desktop program. RL Tracker may be accessed conveniently on the go by installing the official Tracker Network mobile app to your Android or iOS device. For more coverage of Rocket League and esports, keep checking back to

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