GTA 5 Players Discover Hidden Mission: A Hidden Gem in Los Santos

GTA 5 Players Discover Hidden Mission

Eleven calendar years after Rockstar Games released Grand Theft Auto V, some players have only recently found a GTA 5 Players Discover Hidden Mission, a simple-to-miss mission. Since Grand Theft Auto V’s release, fans have played it endlessly, in part because it’s all they have while they wait agonizingly for GTA 6.

In terms of games, ten years is a long time. In light of this, you would assume that those who are still playing it have seen everything there is to see and accomplished everything. Although GTA 5 has a sizable map and a ton of content, players who are committed to the game have probably already played through it all. Not, though.

A GTA 5 clip has been circulating for the past few days. In this video, the player demonstrates a mission that requires them to raid a weed farm—something they were unaware of until they recently discovered. Additionally, a lot of other players were unaware of this piece of content, which is why the video went viral.

The mission is unique, which makes it strange. It is the only mission of its kind in the game. Moreover, it frequently has bugs. To allow players to revisit the content, the weed is meant to respawn every week, but it frequently doesn’t due to bugs. In light of this, it nearly seems as though snippets or incomplete content were inadvertently left in the game and forgotten. The fact that it still isn’t fixed further supports this. In any case, a lot of GTA 5 fans were unaware of this, based on the comments left on the post below.

Naturally, this is not an entirely new finding. This marijuana farm has been known to exist for a long time. But it appears that a lot of Grand Theft Auto enthusiasts were unaware of this. It’s safe to say that most people who have played the game for a shorter period are unaware of this if someone has been playing it for ten years and doesn’t know about it. Having said that, please feel free to comment and let us know what you think as always. Have you heard of this GTA 5 mission?

GTA 5 Players Discover Hidden Mission

One of the game’s many hidden features is this farm. A nudist colony, underground mines, and different fan theories about Mount Chiliad are among the other hidden gems. It is anticipated that GTA 6 will offer a similar number of hidden features and a wide exploration range.

GTA 5 Mysterious Location, Hidden Secrets

Unlike its counterparts, the underwater UFO is a well-kept secret that frequently escapes players’ notice. Located at the far north of the GTA 5 map, it lies quietly on the ocean floor close to Paleto Point or North Point and can be reached without finishing Story Mode. The UFO crashed into the ocean after the Three’s Company mission, according to GTA 5 lore.

When Omega, a character in the game, asks Franklin Clinton for assistance in gathering spaceship parts that have been scattered across San Andreas, she refers to this incident. Sportskeeda reported that Weazel News reports also support the incident.


Even ten years later, Grand Theft Auto V still has surprises in store for players. Most recently GTA 5 Players Discover Hidden Mission, a hidden weed farm mission was found by them. This discovery emphasizes the game’s timeless appeal and its many undiscovered secrets, which are evocative of other hidden elements just waiting to be discovered. For fans of Grand Theft Auto 6, Rockstar Games’ continuous surprises promise excitement.

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