Resident Evil 2 Fatal Error: How to fix Fatal Error?

resident evil 2 fatal error

Returning to PC and consoles is the Resident Evil series. Even though Resident Evil 2 remake developer Capcom put a lot of effort into the PC version, there are still issues with the game, such as Resident Evil 2 Fatal Error exits, startup crashes, and mouse malfunctions. We’ve put together a list of problems and glitches that people are running into in Resident Evil 2. In-depth solutions and workarounds for these RE 2 problems and errors are also available.

Resident Evil 2 Black Screen, Low FPS and Fixes

Although RE2 is a fantastic PC port, there are still issues with DirectX 12 that lead to performance and audio issues. In addition to crashes, black screens, stuttering, and other issues, players in the Resident Evil 2 remake are encountering Fatal Application Exit errors.

Fatal Application Exit – renderdevicedx11.cpp error, Crash Fix

While playing Resident Evil 2, players encounter random crashes and see the message “Fatal Application Exit – renderdevicedx11.cpp error.” The game may have crashed due to GPU overheating, a common occurrence with overclocked GPUs. Return your GPU to its factory clocks if you have overclocked it.

To avoid overheating, use MSI Afterburner to reduce the core clocks if the GPU comes factory overclocked. This action should resolve the error associated with the fatal application exit. Additionally, downloading this update for Windows 7 will prevent the error from occurring again.

Grainy Visuals Fix

The grainy visuals in Resident Evil 2 are a result of Space Screen Reflections rather than an error. Simply turn off Space Screen Reflections in RE2 PC if the graininess bothers you, and the problem should go away.

How to Fix Resident Evil 2 Fatal Error?

Lower your graphics settings: This error could be the result of your graphics card being overworked, which could also be the cause of some game issues. To reduce the VRAM load, open the game’s options, select the “Graphics” tab, and try lowering some of the settings (the VRAM load is displayed in the menu on the right). The game itself notifies you if there’s a possibility of problems: The value for “Max Graphics Memory” is within an acceptable range if it is white. If it’s yellow, there’s a chance that something might go wrong, and if it’s red, something is almost certain to go wrong eventually. Look for a good point where the graphics are still pleasing to you but your graphics card is coasting easily.

Turn off Ray Tracing and Strand Hair: Since these two options are very resource-intensive in practice, even though they won’t significantly increase the VRAM number, they are disabled by default. While turning them on makes the game look fantastic, doing so may cause you to constantly receive the D3D Error, particularly in areas where there are abrupt changes in lighting.

Update your graphics drivers: Verify that the most recent graphics card drivers are installed. If you have an Nvidia graphics card, you can use the Nvidia GeForce Experience app on your computer or visit their official website to find the most recent drivers. With AMD’s website, you can quickly locate what you need if you’re using one of their cards.

Verify your game’s files, or reinstall it: If the error persists after trying all of the above solutions, check the integrity of the game’s files on Steam or completely uninstall and reinstall it. Simply right-click Resident Evil 4 in your Steam library, select Preferences, then navigate to the Local Files folder. When you select the “Verify Integrity of Game Files” option, it will take some time to scan and attempt to identify any problems. That’s all. If there are any, it can fix them for you.


A methodical approach is necessary to resolve Resident Evil 2 Fatal Errors. Changing the graphics settings, updating drivers, and double-checking game files are some of the solutions. Visual anomalies and crashes are caused by Space Screen Reflections, overclocked GPUs, and DirectX 12 problems. Playing with these fixes will make the game run more smoothly for the players.

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