Black Myth Wukong: Release Date, Story, Gameplay, and More

black myth wukong

If you enjoy challenging games like Dark Souls, Lies of P, and Elden Ring, then Black Myth Wukong is for you. Journey to the West, one of the most famous Chinese literary works, serves as the inspiration for this upcoming game. According to Game Science, the creators of Black Myth Wukong were able to fully express themselves through the game. Without a doubt, players’ abilities will be tested to the limit in this game.

About Black Myth Wukong Game

Chinese mythology is the basis of the action role-playing game Wukong. One of the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese literature, Journey to the West, serves as the inspiration for the narrative. As the Chosen One, you will embark on an adventure into the wonders and difficulties that lie ahead to reveal the hidden reality that lies behind a magnificent folktale from the past.

The action role-playing game Black Myth: Wukong draws inspiration from Journey to the West, one of the best-selling Chinese novels ever published. According to it, players “shall set out as the Destined One to venture into the challenges and marvels ahead to uncover the obscured truth beneath the veil of a glorious legend from the past.” Take on the role of Sun Wukong, also called the Destined One, and navigate a path filled with formidable opponents and deserving rivals.

The gameplay footage currently available confirms that players in the upcoming game will have access to a wide variety of spells, weapons, and equipment. This confirmation comes from the description on the Steam page, which lists a variety of tools to accommodate each player’s unique play style. You can choose whatever works best for your combat style.

When Does Black Myth: Wukong Release?

August 20, 2024, saw the release of Black Myth: Wukong on the Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, Steam, and Epic Games Store. On August 20, 2020, a 13-minute gameplay presentation introducing Black Myth: Wukong to the world was first released. In a single day, the video received over two million views. Since then, August 20, 2024, has been chosen as the new release date instead of the original goal of 2023.

Black Myth: Wukong Gameplay

Time freezing: All of the trailers show off Wukong’s incredible fighting prowess, but one of his most practical abilities seems to be the capacity to momentarily freeze opponents in place, which allows him to charge his staff for devastating blows or duck away for a brief respite. This skill is effective against bosses as well as common adversaries.

An extending staff: In the novel, Sun Wukong could create clones of himself using just a single hair strand. This power, which anime viewers may recognize as the clone jutsu of Naruto, manifests during Wukong’s battle with Lingxuzi in the thirteen-minute teaser. Like many of the Monkey King’s shapeshifting abilities, it seems to be timed.

Cloud traversal: Fans of Dragonball should be familiar with Goku’s cloud, the Flying Nimbus. This was inspired by Wukong’s enchanted cloud somersault move, which allowed the Monkey King to instantly travel thousands of miles. Cloud traversal has been demonstrated in Black Myth Wukong trailers, but it’s unclear if this will be utilized frequently in-game (perhaps as a quick travel method, for example).

An extending staff: Wukong uses the Ruyi Jingu Bang, a staff that can contract and expand at will, in Journey to the West. The staff is prominently displayed in Black Myth’s trailers, and the Chinese characters for “Ruyi Jingu Bang” are inscribed on the weapon of the “true” Wukong, who makes an appearance towards the end of the 13-minute trailer. Wukong can be seen using his staff to soar to great heights, bludgeon opponents, deflect arrows, and fight celestial enemies in heaven in all of the footage that has been made public.

Shapeshifting: Wukong appears to possess a remarkably diverse skill set when it comes to transformations. When using their fallen weapons, the Monkey King can transform into a golden cicada, a beastly version of himself that deals a lot of damage, or even past enemies. This is demonstrated in gameplay footage when he transforms into Huodaolang, a lupine enemy with a flaming polearm. In the book, Sun Wukong underwent a total of seventy-two transformations; one can only speculate as to whether or not Game Science was able to replicate this enormous repertoire in Black Myth.

How Much Does Black Myth Wukong Cost?

There is currently no price available. Convention, however, suggests estimating between $60 and USD 70. The price of Black Myth: Wukong has not been disclosed by Game Science. AAA-developed games typically cost between $60 and USD 70. Here too, it’s a safe assumption to make. As soon as we have more information, we will update the price.


Black Myth Wukong is a difficult journey full of battle and mythology that takes its cues from the traditional Chinese epic Journey to the West. For those looking for a challenging gaming experience similar to Dark Souls and Elden Ring, it promises an immersive experience with its varied abilities, breathtaking visuals, and soon-to-be multiplatform release.

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