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Once Human will launch globally on Steam and Epic on July 9th (PT), 2024. NetEase Games, the online games division of NetEase, Inc., has announced the official release date. You can pre-download the demo today, including a time-limited reward that can be used in the game’s launch version.

Millions of players worldwide have already expressed interest in the upcoming open-world multiplayer survival game with a supernatural theme, Once Human. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland where humans are on the verge of extinction due to the eldritch, unknown horrors known as Deviants. To retake their land from the Deviants, players must cooperate and gather tools from the remains of civilization.

Once Human Release Date And Time

The creators and publishers of Once Human, Starry Studio, have not yet made an official announcement regarding the game’s release date. Without providing any further details, Once Human’s Steam store page and Google Play Store page both state that the release window will open in Q3 2024. The three months of July, August, and September in a calendar year would be considered the third quarter of 2024. This means there are 92 potential release dates for Once Human. Keep an eye here for updates.

Once Human: Features and Gameplay

The description of Once Human reads, “Supernatural multiplayer open-world survival game.” An alien species called stardust has taken over the planet. In this game, the player assumes the role of a meta-human who can use Stardust’s power without getting harmed by it. Throughout the realm, players can fight and explore alone or with other players.

In Once Human, the player must explore the open world’s wilderness. Almost everything has been ruined by the Stardust effect, according to the game’s Steam page. This implies that water and food are also impacted, and the player’s “Sanity” will decrease if they consume contaminated water. Because having less “Sanity” lowers your total HP, players need to plan for when and what they will eat.

In addition, there are enemies to defeat, such as altered humans and “bosses from another dimension.” Bosses can be defeated to earn rewards and reduce Stardust’s negative impact on the environment. Players can use blueprints to customize their weapons. Finally, the game includes a base-building feature that allows users to customize their surroundings. These elements all contribute to the greater narrative of learning what happened to the world.

Once Human: Is It Free To Play?

Nothing specific has been revealed about Once Human’s actual business model for launch, even though all of the Once Human Closed Betas have been free to play and don’t require a purchase. If the game is free to play, microtransactions—ideally just cosmetic ones with no P2W—will probably be used to fund it. Keep an eye here for updates.

Once Human: Is It In Early Access?

Although Early Access is now a typical launch strategy used by publishers and developers to get funding and user feedback for their games, Starry Studios has not said anything about this possibility for its Steam version or even for mobile platforms. As it stands now, player feedback from the three closed betas is abundant. Keep an eye here for updates.

Once Human: Is There PvE or PvP?

At their discretion, players can choose to participate in the more chaotic PvP worlds or stick to the PvE-only servers. But since created characters cannot be moved between servers, this will only be an initial choice. It is possible to create a new character to play on a different server. The former character will be kept and will continue to be unique and separate.

Players can bring all of their gear with them into the “Worlds” that the servers themselves have created, but not structures or other similar structures. If desired, there is a function to move player structures between Worlds. In PvP, some World zones are shared amongst Worlds on the same server and are referred to as “contestable” zones. This is done to encourage shared goals and provide a point of contention for player-versus-player gameplay.


An immersive open-world game, Once Human is set in a post-apocalyptic world devastated by extraterrestrial forces. A mix of cooperative survival and supernatural challenges awaits players when it launches on July 9th on Steam and Epic Games. Its distinct gaming mechanics and strategic depth are set to captivate a worldwide audience as interest soars.

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