Death Stranding Characters: A Comprehensive Guide

death stranding characters

“Death Stranding,” created by Hideo Kojima, is a game notable not only for its unique gameplay and stunning visuals but also for its deep and complex characters. Each character in “Death Stranding Characters” plays an important role in the plot, adding layers of intrigue and emotion. This article will examine the main characters from “Death Stranding,” including their backgrounds, roles, and significance in the game.


The game will happen somewhere other than North America. It concerns Sam growing the Chiral Network inside a for-profit company.

Death Stranding Characters

In Death Stranding 2, Norman Reedus reprises his role as Sam Porter Bridges, alongside Léa Seydoux as Fragile and Troy Baker as Higgs. Elle Fanning has been cast as an Unnamed Girl, and Shioli Kutsuna has been cast in unannounced roles. An Unnamed Captain (George Miller) and a Living Doll (Fatih Akin) have also been confirmed as members of the DHV Magellan crew. Deadman (Guillermo Del Toro) will also return.


Initial phase: Already one month after the first game’s release, Heartman actor Nicolas Winding Refn posts a rather intriguing message on his official Twitter account. It simply says “Dear friend” and includes a picture of the director with Hideo Kojima that has the caption “Heartman will return.” In an interview for LEO, Norman Reedus said, “We just started the second one,” confirming the sequel’s production, in response to the question, “Okay, so you got the book going on, you’ve got the final season coming out, then the spinoff, and you’re filming Death Stranding, the video game.” shortly after, even in a lighthearted manner, Hideo Kojima tweets to “rebuke” Reedus.

Scanning and dubbing sessions

The band CHVRCHES, who made the lead single from the first game’s album Death Stranding: Timefall, available for download, stopped by Kojima Productions on January 10, 2023, which may have been a sign of a new partnership. The band has their faces scanned the following day. When Kojima travels to London on February 13, he meets Elle Fanning, Lea Seydoux, and WOODKID for a series of dubbing sessions at the Molinare Studio. Taiwanese director Kevin Ko visited Kojima Productions on March 1 and gave Kojima a box art for his horror movie “Zhou.” While there, Kojima was scanned, confirming that he had a “little part” in DS2.

Following the dubbing sessions, Kojima returns to the United States in April with the entire cast to take several performance capture shots. The children’s participation on the set in a later performance capture shot taken in May implies that they are also present in the game, though it is unclear if they are holograms, non-player characters, or active characters. Ludvig Forssell, a former KJP composer who is currently freelancing, is also in attendance at this session.

When singer-songwriter Daichi Miura visited Kojima Productions on July 5, he was scanned, suggesting that either the Musician would be back or a new character would emerge. On September 14, several tweets verify that Mamoru Oshii is acting in a motion capture scene and that Yuji Shimomura is the director of action scenes. On September 20, Kojima is back at the London Molinare Studio for another dubbing session, this time with Shioli Kutsuna and Lea Seydoux.

On November 22, Kojima returns to the mixer machine and makes a hint about editing a video or trailer. A Guerrilla Games team and Hermen Hulst visited Kojima Productions on December 4, just days before TGA 23, and presented Kojima with a statuette of one of the Horizon’s machines. Two days later, on December 6, Kojima tweeted from an aircraft over Los Angeles. Geoff Keighley responded, presumably referring to Kojima’s attendance at TGA 23, with the words “Safe travels wherever you are headed!” Regretfully, despite being present at the conference, Kojima only displayed a teaser for his horror film for Microsoft, OD, at TGA2023, instead of a trailer for DS2.

In an interview with Josh Horowitz, Elle Fanning—who in DS2 plays an unexpected role—reveals that she has performed motion capture sessions with both Norma Reedus and Léa Seydoux, stating that Reedus is the “main guy” and indicating that players will also portray Sam in the sequel. In a post from the end of the year, Kojima states that DS2 is still working on some Automated Dialogue Replacement (ADR) and that they will begin recording Japanese voiceovers after that. This indicates that the project is in a highly advanced state of development. A new trailer showcasing new characters and the 2025 release window for Death Stranding 2 On the Beach was unveiled during the first State of Play of 2024.


“Death Stranding Characters” is praised for its unique gameplay, gorgeous graphics, and deep cast of characters. Sam Porter Bridges and Fragile are two important characters who heavily influence the plot’s emotional depth and layers. This article explores the histories and roles of these characters, emphasizing how they add to the game’s intricate story and impending sequel.

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