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dead cells biome

The various zones that players must go through in Dead Cells are called Dead Cells Biome. There are currently 15 main biomes and 4 boss biomes in the base game; 7 more main biomes and 6 boss biomes are added in the DLCs.

Players have a great deal of flexibility to choose different biomes each run because the order in which they are encountered and the general location of their links are predetermined, but the biomes are divided into levels and only one biome of each level can be accessed in a run.

Biomes are procedurally generated within the parameters of each biome during each run. With a unique feel for every biome, this emphasizes gameplay on a combination of memory and in-the-moment adaptation.

Shops and Treasures

Every biome, except boss biomes, has a different arrangement of stores and treasures. Most of these are preset, though their types may vary; stores may be either skill- or weapon-focused, and treasure rooms may hold linked altars, additional cursed chests, or treasure chests.

Except for having constant access requirements, their locations are always random.Using the Boss Stem Cells that you’ve collected to unlock boss cell doors—which may lead to additional stores, treasure rooms, or even exits—you can play on a harder difficulty setting.

Access and exits

There are exits from each biome that take you to the next level’s biomes. While some of these are freely accessible, the majority are restricted by rune requirements that must be located and unlocked to be accessed.

With a few notable exceptions, exits are usually found at the end of hallways or level segments in a biome. Additionally, they are divided, which means that a biome splits up into different paths depending on its needs if there are several exits.

Dead Cells Biome Map

A biome map that displays all of the areas the player has explored within the biome can be opened by the player. Activated teleporters, stores, and treasure rooms are displayed on the map. The player’s position is indicated by a flaming head, although this is hidden when in a passage.

Alternatively, the player can choose to view the world map, in which undiscovered biomes are displayed in gray without a name, and discovered biomes are displayed in color with their names. Once a biome has been visited, it is considered discovered; on the other hand, an undiscovered biome is displayed whenever a biome that can exit into it is entered.

The path used in the current run is indicated by a gray line, and highlighting a discovered biome will show previously traveled paths between it and biomes of the previous and next tier. Moreover, the next biome with the incentive biome bonus will be displayed on the world map.

How Cursed Biome Works

Similar to biome incentives, there will be an icon above the entrance to a cursed biome, giving you the option to accept the challenge or simply leave and visit the other normal biomes.

Six cursed mobs, chosen at random from Curser, Sore Loser, and Doom Bringer, are always present in a cursed biome. The alpha and beta feedback may cause this number to fluctuate.

Naturally, there is a benefit for taking that chance: regardless of where they drop (from a shop, loot, etc.), every item dropped in a cursed biome will drop one gear level higher. In these biomes, the likelihood of encountering cursed chests also rises by 10%.

There can only be two exits to cursed biomes at once, provided you haven’t reached the cap. Throughout your run, there will always be at least one biome free of cursed mobs.


The exciting journey in Dead Cells Biome is shaped by various biomes, each of which presents its rewards and challenges. Every run feels new thanks to procedural generation, which combines memory and adaptability. There are many strategic options, ranging from unique stores to rune-locked exits. Accepting cursed biomes exposes players to danger in exchange for bigger rewards, deepening the suspenseful gameplay.

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