Street Fighter 6 Characters: A Comprehensive Guide

street fighter 6 characters

The newest game in the venerable fighting game series, Street Fighter 6, has become an instant hit. For both new and seasoned players, the game promises an exciting roster of diverse and unique characters, each bringing their fighting styles and backgrounds. We’ll go into the fundamentals of the Street Fighter 6 characters in this post, emphasizing their distinctive qualities, histories, and fighting techniques.

Street Fighter 6 characters list

Jamie: Jamie employs a fighting technique unique to the Street Fighter series: Drunken Fist. Jamie gets new special moves and more options for some of his attacks when he sips from his jug. Yun and Yang, two well-known characters from Street Fighter 3, have greatly influenced him. As he combines some of the twins’ blazing-fast skills with his unpredictable breakdancing style, Jamie’s moveset seems to take a lot of inspiration from their attacks.

Guile: After defeating Shadaloo and ultimately exacting revenge on Charlie, Street Fighter’s family man Guile makes a triumphant return to Street Fighter 6. Guile is still in the US Air Force and is wearing a blue jumpsuit this time. Since Luke has pursued a new career path, we anticipate that these characters will cross paths again. He briefly mentored Luke in Street Fighter 5.

Ryu: In Street Fighter 6, Ryu’s mission to take on the greatest opponents in the world is far from finished. The Street Fighter Twitter account claims that Ryu is still learning how to become a better fighter and doesn’t think his journey is finished. His traditional gi has been modified by the addition of a kasaya, or Buddhist robe, modeled after his master Gouken’s.

Chun Li: Chun Li decided to resign from her position as an ICPO agent after Shadaloo’s terror reign was formally over. Chun Li, on the other hand, works as a valued member of her local community as a kung fu instructor during the day. In addition, she devotes her time to tending to Li-Fen, who was among the casualties of the Black Moon Incident in Street Fighter 5.

Kimberly: Kimberly is a student of Guy, the Ninja—yes, the guy from Street Fighter Alpha and Final Fight—and she is dedicated to becoming a true ninja. Kimberly graduated from college ahead of schedule. Kimberly, who enjoys pop culture from the 1980s, has a cassette player with old songs on it that she sometimes plays while performing her special moves.

Ken: Compared to his previous appearance, Ken is considerably more disheveled when he returns to Street Fighter 6. Although he is dressed casually in a tan coat, dark vest, and boots over his standard red Gi, his fighting style is anything but. To keep things interesting, Ken uses a variety of target combos, dragon punches with fire in them, and fresh maneuvers.

Blanka: Blanka is back, looking dapper in a denim blue jumpsuit this time. The World Tour trailer features his animated Street Fighter V avatar. Blanka’s Street Fighter 2 stage, which has a huge snake entwined around it, is back.

Dhalsim: In contrast to many returning characters in Street Fighter 6, Dhalsim retains most of his appearance from his previous appearance. Patient players will be happy to see that Dhalsim’s fire projectiles and pliable limbs are still in place. Even though Dhalsim doesn’t have access to his Street Fighter 2 stage, it appears that he does have an Indian-themed stage with a golden statue in the background.

Dee Jay: Dee Jay, who was last seen in Street Fighter 4, makes a comeback sporting a vibrant new outfit and a fresh repertoire of moves. In Street Fighter 6, Dee Jay’s quick attacks—which can be challenging to read if you haven’t battled him before—are his strongest suit. When Dee Jay corners his opponents, you can start laying down major damage with elegant bluffs.

Manon: Manon, a supermodel and world champion judoka, is widely considered the strongest model in the world. She frequently travels the world to showcase the newest clothing trends. Manon’s attacks have incredibly fluid animations, just like her catwalk routines. Manon is a formidable striker who uses her long limbs to deal damage from a distance, so fighters must beware of her attacks.

Luke: Luke briefly discusses his motivation for wanting to enlist in the military in Street Fighter 5. In an attempt to emulate his father, who gave his life defending civilians during a terrorist attack, Luke decided to enlist in the Special Forces. Luke decides to leave the military to try his hand at something different after speaking with Guile. He has joined a private military company as a contractor in Street Fighter 6.

Cammy: With her new hairstyle, Union Jack coat, and yoga pants, Cammy has been redesigned in a way that is possibly the greatest of all time. Now that M. Bison and his Shadaloo group are out of the way, Cammy can travel the world without worrying about her archenemy trying to take her body.

JP: Although JP is currently in charge of an international NGO (non-governmental organization) with several lucrative investment properties, we don’t know a lot about his intentions. JP appears to be the ideal villain archetype, and we know that he possesses purple energy-releasing powers that are strikingly similar to M. Bison’s psycho powers.

Juri: Wearing her outfit from Super Street Fighter IV, Juri makes a reappearance in Street Fighter 6. Juri’s fighting technique seems to have improved because she can now execute her leaping axe kick and shoot low projectiles without using up any Fuha stocks. The return of Juri’s flying dive kick will delight fans as it provides her with a fantastic aerial attacking option.

E Honda: The legendary sumo wrestler, dressed in a new outfit over his traditional sumo attire, joins the cast of Street Fighter 6. After Honda’s renowned Hundred Hand Slap, there is now an animation that stuns the opponent. It doesn’t appear that Honda will be bringing back the Street Fighter 2 stage anytime soon, but things might change when the game releases.

Marisa: Marisa, the newest grappler to join the Street Fighter 6 roster, is a worthy opponent of Zangief. At a whopping 6’8″ and 269 pounds, Marisa is more than capable of taking on any opponent and looking to smash them into the ground. Much about Marisa’s fighting style can be explained by her early inspiration from the ancient Greek warriors who fought in the Colosseum.

Zangief: For the third straight mainline game, the 7’0″ tall Russian wrestler makes a comeback to the Street Fighter series. Rather than his trademark red pants, the Red Cyclone seems to be wearing full-length pants, giving him an appropriate look for high-level esports competitions.

Lily: Fans of T. Hawk, rejoice. Lily might not be your warrior from Native America, but she’s the closest you can get. Despite her small stature, Lily packs a powerful punch in her attacks thanks to her two ball-headed war clubs. She uses some of the same attacks as T. Hawk because she is a Thunderfoot clan member, including the Condor Spire and Condor Dive.

Know Who Made it Onto the Street Fighter 6 Roster?

When the series first started, Street Fighter 4 had 25 characters available, but the dreadful Street Fighter 5 only had 16 characters available at launch. With the addition of new fighters, revamped returning characters, and fan favorites, Capcom seems to be taking note of its previous mistakes when it comes to the Street Fighter 6 roster.

It’s time to start considering which DLC fighters Street Fighter 6 might include now that the game’s release date has passed. As Street Fighter 6 nears the conclusion of its first season pass, keep an eye out for further details regarding the upcoming fighters, starting with Akuma’s release on May 22, 2024.


The roster of Street Fighter 6 Characters is exciting and varied, appealing to both novice and expert players. Every character has their fighting style and intriguing backstory, from the legendary Ryu to the new grappler Marisa. Capcom has a well-rounded lineup and promises exciting DLC additions, like Akuma, demonstrating that it has learned from past mistakes.

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