Still Wakes the Deep: Release Date, and Gameplay Details

still wakes the deep

The Chinese Room is working on a survival horror video game called Still Wakes the Deep, which Secret Mode will be releasing. Unreal Engine 5 is used in this game. This game is an adventure. Let’s examine some of the most often-asked questions in the Still Wakes the Deep Wiki regarding the game. 

Still Wakes the Deep Release Date

The release date for Still Wakes the Deep is set for Tuesday, June 18, 2024. The release date has been confirmed by the game’s Steam listing. We’ll have to wait for Steam or the developers to confirm when the game will be playable on this day. New games on Steam typically go live around 4 p.m. in the UK, but this can vary and occur in the morning.

Still Wakes the Deep Gameplay details

A first-person horror game called Still Wakes the Deep tells the tale of an offshore rig worker. From the trailers and images we’ve seen so far, the film appears to be a storm-beaten, Lovecraftian horror with a strong sense of atmosphere. You have to survive an oil rig isolated in the dark, icy waters of the North Sea, along with a storm, once all contact with the outside world is lost. As if dying of cold shock wasn’t horrible enough, there’s a mystery monster on the rig that you need to escape.

You will have to fight to survive while coming across and saving crew members. You must swim, climb, and run through the flooded hallways while battling an unidentified enemy. As anticipated by the creators of Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs, you will be without any weapons and must rely solely on your cunning to survive. A particular kind of horror itch that is rarely satisfied seems to be piqued by the unidentified feature of the monster or evil aboard the rig.

Still Wakes the Deep platforms

When Still Wakes the Deep launches, it will be accessible on Xbox Game Pass as well as Windows PCs through Steam, PlayStation5, and Xbox Series X|S. Though you can currently wishlist the game on the Steam page, you can pre-order it now on consoles.

Still Wakes the Deep trailers

Still Wakes the Deep was first shown to us in June 2023 at the Xbox Games Showcase. The stunning images of the Beira D oil rig covered in sea mist while the North Sea churns below are featured in the announcement trailer. A glimpse of the comprehensive first-person viewpoint of Still Wakes the Deep is also given to us as Caz investigates the interior of the rig, making his way through blood-stained hallways, narrow ledges, and broken ladders. Maggie MacInnes’ melancholic rendition of the Gaelic folk ballad Fath Mo Mhulaid a Bhith Ann serves as the soundtrack for these gameplay snippets. An inhumane screech interrupts Caz’s frantic attempt to spin the hatch wheel closed at the end of the trailer.

During the Xbox Partner Preview, The Chinese Room gave us a first look at more in-the-moment gameplay. Caz must negotiate a collapsing gangway suspended over the ocean in a suspenseful sequence to survey the rig’s drill, which seems to have been rendered inoperable by a swarm of bizarre tendrils. The trailer cuts to Caz navigating a flooded industrial room, ducking under the water and cramming into small spaces while a nearby voice whimpers and screams. The voice’s owner closes the hatch as Caz descends it, engulfing him in darkness.

Still Wakes the Deep story

The terrifying narrative game is set on a North Sea oil rig near Scotland’s coast. We take on the persona of Glaswegian working-class ex-boxer Caz McCleary. To see his family once more, he must endure the frigid waters and the otherworldly being that has made its way aboard as one of the few remaining Beira D rig workers. The Chinese Room, which produced Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs, has a history with the series, so it makes sense that the premise would make us think of Amnesia The Bunker.

Audio director Daan Hendriks affirms, “There are strong themes related to family woven into the game’s narrative.” Though it appears that they will eventually catch up to Caz while he is preoccupied with trying to outrun the supernatural predator chasing him, he has taken up his job at the oil rig as a means of escaping his problems.

The mission scripting for Still Wakes the Deep was made public by technical director Nick Slaven. It uses Inkle’s narrative scripting language, Ink, and is organized into a flow chart structure of successive events. Additionally, the Chinese Room has made the InkPotDemo project available on GitHub to aspiring programmers.

Slaven characterizes it as “a very flexible and powerful system in which we can tell stories.” Before release, a free Steam teaser game called Still Wakes the Deep is also accessible. A retro-style platformer called Oil Strike ’75 takes a dark turn and provides us with several hints regarding the background of the Beira D oil rig and the events that precede the events of Still Wakes the Deep.


A compelling combination of narrative depth and survival horror is promised in Still Wakes the Deep. It takes place on a North Sea oil rig and features the ominous atmosphere of Unreal Engine 5. Starting on June 18, 2024, it is set to deliver a haunting experience across multiple platforms with its captivating storyline and strategic gameplay.

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