Palworld Crossplay: Bridging Platforms for Seamless Gaming Experience

palworld crossplay

Crossplay has become a ground-breaking feature in the gaming industry, allowing players from different devices to connect and play together by tearing down barriers between gaming platforms. With its Palworld Crossplay feature, the engaging multiplayer game Palworld has embraced this trend, promoting inclusivity and improving the gaming experience for all players.

Palworld Crossplay Compatibility Chart

Platform 1Platform 2Compatible?
Game Pass (PC)Game Pass (Xbox)Compatible
Game Pass (Xbox)Game Pass (Xbox)Compatible
Game Pass (PC)Game Pass (PC)Compatible
SteamGame Pass (PC)Not Compatible
SteamGame Pass (Xbox)Not Compatible

Does Palworld Have Crossplay?

To play multiplayer in Palworld, players must be on the same distribution service as each other and there is currently no cross-platform play between Xbox and Steam. Continue reading to find out about Palworld’s crossplay functionality, when it will be cross-platform, and whether you can use our crossplay compatibility chart to play with friends.

Crossplay is Available for the Same Platform

Players on different consoles can still engage in cross-platform play if they have the same distribution service. This implies that, provided both parties have a Game Pass, a PC user can enter the world of an Xbox user.

However, cross-platform multiplayer is not available at this time. It should be noted that Steam PC players cannot play multiplayer games with other PC players, even if both players are on PCs.

When Will Palworld Crossplay Platform?

The development team is currently working on cross-platform play for PC and Xbox, which will be released in a future update. Later in 2024, cross-platform compatibility may be added to the Palworld Arena PVP feature. Once crossplay is enabled, players on both platforms will be able to participate in multiplayer games, as well as PvP and other activities.

Does Palworld support cross-platform progression?

While there are options for Xbox players, Palworld does not offer cross-platform progression for Steam users. When you play PC Game Pass games, your progress is saved to the cloud, so you can continue your game on your Xbox console. This also applies when switching from Xbox One to Xbox Series X|S. Although it hasn’t been confirmed, cross-platform progression for all platforms might be included in a later update along with PocketPair.


Palworld’s implementation of crossplay enables seamless connections between games on various platforms, representing a significant step forward in gaming inclusivity. Although it is currently limited to the same distribution service, plans for PC and Xbox cross-platform play provide more options. Cross-platform progression may be added as Palworld evolves, implying the possibility of cohesive gaming experiences in the future.

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