Meet Reina in Tekken 8’s Newest Powerhouse Fighter

reina tekken 8

Greetings from the Tekken 8 universe! You’re going on an exciting journey with Reina, regardless of whether you’re an experienced fighter or a newbie to the series. We’ll go over the fundamentals of Reina in Tekken 8, her backstory, and some crucial pointers in this beginner’s guide to help you get started learning her moves.

Who is Reina in Tekken 8? Backstory explained?

Reina’s backstory is intriguing, even though it remains a mystery when you first encounter her in Tekken 8. It turns out that she is Heihachi Mishima’s illegitimate daughter. She can use her devil form and is trained in the Mishima Style Fighting Karate. There is additional information about Reina’s past and how she came to be in Tekken 8 during her Character Episode. She is described as “the secret daughter of Heihachi Mishima” in the character episode ending, and she went to Mishima Polytechnic School.

“She looked up to her father as a role model and loved and respected him.” However, Heihachi disappeared following his loss to Kazuya Mishima. “The King of Iron Fist Tournament was held by the now-defunct Mishima Zaibatsu to select a new leader for the organization. “Reina entered the competition to succeed her father and inherit the Mishima Zaibatsu.

How to get Reina in Tekken 8? 

You must unlock Reina to play her special Character Episode in Tekken 8. Reina’s Character Episode can be accessed after finishing Tekken 8’s The Dark Awakens story mode. With only a few hours of playtime needed, finishing the story mode shouldn’t take you too long.

You will also get to see a lot more of the enigmatic new character—of which she plays a significant role—if you finish the story mode. Reina can be played in all other game modes right away; all you have to do is finish The Dark Awakens to get her unique Character Episode.


Reina uses a combination of Taido and karate in the Mishima style. She demonstrates a quick and forceful combat style by using her unique Sentai movement to quickly close the distance and launch rushes, and by using Unsoku to deliver powerful attacks with deft footwork. Furthermore, Reina has somehow picked up Mishima-style karate techniques like Wind God Fist, Thunder God Fist, and Spinning Demon. She even displays a power fighter side, using strong, quick moves.

Character Relationships

Jun Kazama: Reina appears to despise Jun, calling her a “foul woman” while striking a wink.

Kuma II: To the bear’s dismay, Reina has a special conversation with Kuma in which she begs him to serve her.

Jin Kazama: her nephew. Reina calls him “Jin-senpai” because they attended the same school. On the other hand, Jin doesn’t know the real Jin.

Kazuya Mishima: Her older sibling by half. Kazuya is acquainted with Jin, even though she is unfamiliar with Reina. It seems that Reina is still upset with him for killing Heihachi.

Lars Alexandersson: Her older sibling by half. She joined forces with Jin and him to assist in taking down Kazuya. For now, he has no idea who she is.

Heihachi Mishima: Reina aspires to carry on her father Heihachi’s legacy because she loves him so much. What, if any, feelings Heihachi had in return is unknown.

Nina Williams: Reina, who appeared to have known about Nina’s past abilities, engaged her in combat in Story Mode. Eventually, Nina discovers Reina’s relationship to the Mishima family.

Lee Chaolan: her adopted brother, who is older. Seemingly solely to take down Kazuya and find out more about the Devil Gene’s activation, she joined forces with Lee and Jin. He may not be aware of her true identity or intentions.


Reina, the illegitimate daughter of Heihachi Mishima, is a dynamic character in Tekken 8 with a deep backstory. For both experienced and novice players, mastering her unique abilities and Mishima Style Fighting Karate, as well as comprehending her intricate relationships, makes for an exciting and strategic game.

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