Diablo 4 Crossplay: Cross-Progression Explained

diablo 4 crossplay

Playing Diablo 4’s online role-playing game with friends on all platforms is one of its many wonderful features. It can be played on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and 5, and Xbox Series S and X. However, you must first become familiar with BattleNet, Blizzard’s first-party distribution platform, before you can begin killing demons with friends in cross-play. Here’s how to quickly enable Diablo 4 Crossplay with friends.

Does Diablo 4 have Crossplay?

The Blizzard team has affirmed that Diablo 4 will feature crossplay, also referred to as cross-platform play, in several support forums and tweets. This implies that playing PlayStation and Xbox with friends shouldn’t be a problem for PC gamers. You can find and add friends using your Battle.net account, which is required for players to use cross-play. As there is no offline play or offline crossplay, you also need to have a steady internet connection to play the game. To play together, you and your friends must also establish a connection to the same server.

Couch co-op will be available in Diablo 4, but it’s a console-only feature that won’t be on PCs. Fortunately, all you need to play couch co-op together is one account. Players in couch co-ops do not need to have separate copies of the game.

How to Invite Someone to Your Party?

Select the Social tab from the menu when you are playing any character. Along with the platform you’re playing on right now, you’ll see a list of all of your BattleNet online friends. You must click the Add a Friend button in the lower right corner of the Social Menu to add someone from outside your platform to your friends list.

Your username on BattleNet, or your actual BattleTag, will then become visible through a popup window. If you don’t already know your BattleTag, you can use this to tell your friends the username they need to connect with. Alternatively, they could use the email address you know for your BattleNet account. If you want to play with someone, type their BattleTag into the search bar and click the Send Request button to add them as a friend.

As soon as they accept your request, their BattleTag will appear in the social menu’s list of friends. Simply click on their profile from the menu and choose Invite to Party from the actions menu to extend an invitation to join your game. They will receive a notification allowing them to accept your invitation and play your game.

How to Find Your Party Members?

There you have it, then! You can now play with your friends. In case you get split up while playing, you can quickly reunite with your group by returning to the hub city of the area by tapping the D-pad on the controller. From there, you can look for the player’s portal in the town square to reunite with them. This will load you to their precise location on the planet, no matter where they are.

How Progression Works When Partied Up?

You won’t lose any of your progress when playing with friends—loot, quest advancement, experience points—anything. You will be allowed to finish story quests on your character even if you join a player who is either further ahead or farther behind. However, this will not affect your character’s progress. Be sure to have the same quest step before joining up if you want to progress together while completing story quests.


The crossplay functionality of Diablo 4 Crossplay enables smooth gameplay on both PCs and consoles. Players can quickly connect with friends through BattleNet, guaranteeing a cohesive gaming experience. Playing multiplayer games is made easier by sharing an account when consoles support couch co-op. Whether you join friends or not doesn’t affect progress; this emphasizes a seamless path through demon-slaying experiences.

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