A Beginner’s Guide to MultiVersus Characters

multiversus characters

The thrilling platform fighter game brings together multiversus characters from a variety of well-known franchises. It offers a unique crossover experience and was developed by Player First Games and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. It is critical to understand the cast of characters, regardless of experience level. This guide provides an overview of MultiVersus’ main characters to help you get started and succeed in the game.

Multiversus Characters Overview

Platform(s)PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S
ReleasedMay 28, 2024
Developer(s)Player First Games
Publisher(s)Warner Bros. Interactive

About Multiversus Characters

As MultiVersus is created by Player First Games and released by Warner Bros. Games, it virtually entirely draws its cast of characters for a crossover confrontation from the extensive library of Warner Bros. Discover IP. Superman, Gizmo, Bugs Bunny, and other classic characters are among the MultiVersus fighters; the roster is full of surprises on par with Acme, and it will only get bigger.

Online leaks and rumors regarding MultiVersus’ roster and gameplay began to circulate even before the game’s 2021 announcement. This intensified in 2022 and 2023 as a result of a plethora of data mines extracted from various tests or earlier builds that were periodically posted online and provided clues as to what characters might appear in the form of voice lines, images, or even text lines tucked away in files that are typically inaccessible.

Upcoming Features

  • Mode of ranking
  • final-game statistics
  • Configuring input buffers
  • Disabling the team colors setting
  • Camera settings for one-on-one games
  • Reassessing the Battle Pass Advancement
  • Altering between forward and neutral attacks
  • Viewer in the Custom Games Free-For-All line
  • Specific neutral dodge button configuration
  • Reassessing the distribution of XP for battle passes
  • Press the replay button for Rifts or PvE to restart a node right away.
  • All PvE Rifts will yield rewards, but cooperative play will ensure rewards arrive sooner.
  • Possibility for players to stay in the same party when switching between PvP and Rifts/PvE (and vice versa)

Full MultiVersus roster: All playable characters

Agent SmithThe Matrix
Arya StarkGame of Thrones
BatmanDC Comics
Banana GuardAdventure Time
Black AdamDC Comics
Bugs BunnyLooney Tunes
Finn the HumanAdventure Time
GarnetSteven Universe
Harley QuinnDC Comics
Iron GiantThe Iron Giant
Jake the DogAdventure Time
Jason VoorheesFriday the 13th
The JokerDC Comics
LeBron JamesSpace Jam: A New Legacy
Marvin the MartianLooney Tunes
Morty SmithRick and Morty
ReindogMultiVersus Original
Rick SanchezRick and Morty
Shaggy RogersScooby-Doo
Steven UniverseSteven Universe
SupermanDC Comics
TazLooney Tunes
Tom and JerryTom and Jerry
Velma DinkleyScooby-Doo
Wonder WomanDC Comics

Release Date Multiversus Characters

On May 28, MultiVersus will receive a full release after a year of post-beta development aimed at enhancing the platform fighter. Even with this relaunch, the free-to-play game still mainly depends on its characters to entice players, regardless of whether they are currently in the cast or may be added later.


MultiVersus combines characters from well-known franchises to create a unique crossover experience that all players must understand. Warner Bros. released the game, which was created by Player First Games and featured popular characters such as Superman, Bugs Bunny, and Arya Stark. MultiVersus promises an ever-expanding roster and evolving gameplay features through regular updates.

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